Saturday, March 19, 2011

Supermoon Tonight 03-19-2011

I wondered if any of you guys caught the news about a supermoon this weekend. It was especially interesting to me since we all demonstrated how much we know about planetary movements etc. If you get an opportunity go outside tonight and maybe you'll get a glimpse of it. We know there will be higher than normal tides as a result of the moon being abnormally close to us. Some say there may be pending natural disasters pending as a result. What do you think? I say get out and take a look.


  1. LOL - I also thought of this class with regard to all the stories about the moon. Fantastic photo in Greece! By the time I thought about checking out the moon, it was behind the clouds. Boo.

  2. How sweet of both of you to think about us! :) My mom told me about the moon last night but I forgot to check it out. (I don't know if it is a Southern thing but most of my "news" still comes from my mom/grandma b/c they call the first time they hear something!)