Thursday, March 24, 2011

Objectives Gaps

Below are my original objectives for the course:
  • Make the most of my exposure to and experience with new IT/Internet experiences this class offers.
  • Develop my own ideas as to how these technologies can be applied to a training/educational setting.
  • Finish all assignments completely and on time.
  • Provide and receive useful feedback to/from my classmates.
To this point I think I've done a pretty good job of getting experience with the tools and sites we have had assignments to interface with. A large portion of what I've worked with this semester I didn't even know existed. Each assignment brought its own set of challenges and frustrations. An example of first experiences includes uploading video to Youtube, Twitter, Second Life, and Classroom 2.0 to name just a few. This is also my first and blogging experience.

I'm currently putting to use some of what I have learned this semester in the form of starting a blog at work to tie in with some of the transformational work we're doing around workplace culture. I'm also interested in applying some of the ideas from this class in the form of Youtube videos to generate a viral type of buzz to help change our culture also. I'm also generating some thoughts about how to use these same types of ideas for more conventional training or education opportunities.

I'm not completely sure I've completed all assignments on time or otherwise. It seems there are so many small assignments week to week in addition to blogging etc I can't guarantee I've done it all. To close that gap I'll pay particular attention for the remainder of the semester and do my best to deliver on time and at par with all remaining assignments.

I hope my feedback and responses to classmates have been both uplifting and useful. I certainly have enjoyed and appreciated all of their support and feedback. I have enjoyed looking at everyone's blog and seeing what people like to do in their spare time.

Are/were these objectives appropriate to Web 2.0? I think they are were based on what I understood that to mean and what I understand that to mean now. Moving forward I'll continue to put myself out there and continue to try things and in turn look for ways to use the tools for educational opportunities.

Moving forward I'm going to focus on my comfort level with how this class works and try to embrace abiguity. I'll continue to look for ways to apply what I'm learning for application in my current job and potential opportunities.

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