Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brewery Locator

Well Lauren,

I hope you don't mind. When I read this article in the N&O yesterday you were the first person I thought of. It turns out a couple of guys from Raleigh have developed software using mapping technologies to locate breweries. At this point they're working with a database with over 1,500 breweries and 8,000 beers from around the world.

This is totally Web 2.0 in that there is a group of people working on the software and the brewery database allowing the contribution and development to be open source and organic. I wish them nothing but success.



  1. Ray, I checked out that website and that would have been a cool group project for us to do. If these two guys did it in four months, we could have done it in no time. And I am still trying to see how this is not something any of us could do? This is just a google map that they have placed dots on. Such an easy process that all started with a cool idea. This would be a cool iphone app.