Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project Planning

I haven't seen a lot of chatter yet about project ideas. I've done a little scouting for a couple of things.
  •  For a simple fun individual project I think I'll do a photo/video montage using Flickr. I've never done anything with Flickr before and I think I could have fun playing around with some photos and short videos. Probably a visual representation of who I am and what gives me joy. 
  • As far as the whimsical group project goes I'm pretty much down for anything. I checked out the lip sync videos and thought they were a riot. If we elect to do something like this I'm sure it will be a hoot for all. I've been trying to think of a good short song that would be good for all of us to work with.
  • For the personal in depth project I think I'll pull together some research and put it out on a website. My current dilemma centers around what exactly the subject of the research should be. 
  • Finally he in depth group project. In short I have no clue what this should be. I have the same attitude that most people have about group projects. Each time I'm involved in a group project it starts with a bit of dread combined with anxious anticipation. In the end it all works out. This time will be no different. Again I'm down for anything. I look forward to working with some of my classmates and embracing the challenge. 
My two cents worth. 

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