Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mindsets and Behaviors

I'm working with a cross-functional team at work right now that has the mission to shift the culture in our workplace to a more positive disposition. The team has representation from training, production, maintenance,  quality, and technology. The highest level of management on the team is a couple of front line supervisors. The members were selected for their ability to build consensus and communicate effectively. The team has worked for several days on a diagnostic to assess the conditions and the mood across the site. From the diagnostic we have formed a project plan to work to the end of the year.

The background of the site and current conditions are as follows. There are currently about 700 people at the site with the goal of taking on a new role in the corporate network and dropping to a site of about 350 employees. The site role will change from that of a commercial manufacturer to a scale up site for products in the final stages development. The attributes of employees and managers will need to be different than those of employees at a commercial facility and we need to begin curing some of the negative attitude at the site now. There are a number of current employees and managers who will be needed to stay. The job of this team will be to present a clear picture to the site of the attributes and behaviors of dream colleagues and leaders.

The best part is the approach on the table for endorsement. This movement is to occur in a viral fashion as opposed to a program. Basically the initial approach is to attack the problem one conversation at a time. I can't help but make a direct connection to this class and some of the discussions we've had. I also can't help but think of the power of the movements underway in the Middle East. I'm very hopeful we'll be successful.

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