Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Using Share Point Sites to Share Training and Promote Standardization

I sat in a meeting today that was intended to generate buzz around a new collaboration effort between the sites to share ideas and materials related to training. The site is set up in Share Point an application we've had for a few months that I haven't taken time to get acquainted with. I guess I will now. There were representatives from sites all over the world on the meeting. If everyone participates it should be pretty interesting.

The site seemed to be pretty well built with ideas like a Wiki for various terms and acronyms. It had an area for individuals to join and share common interest items in the interest of forming a better idea or some form of replication at another plant site. The goal of this latest initiative is to share materials in the interest of reducing redundant work thereby reducing costs while promoting some form of standardization for e learning and GMP training. We'll see.....

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  1. I cringe whenever i hear sharepoint- i have yet to see a successful productive use at my school even after years of folks trying- but I'd love to hear it if you've learned otherwise. I think, like lotus notes, it could be good for specifics, esp. when everyone has to use it (i.e. for workflow apps) - but so far that hasn't worked at our schooL!