Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egypt Update Via 60 Minutes Etc

I'm watching 60 Minutes and listening to the influence social networks played on the outcome in these early stages of the struggle in Egypt. According to the gentleman in the interview the biggest failure of the regime was their total lack of understanding of social networking. This video is a caption from the interview. We're seeing a true groundswell revolt from the system generations of Egyptians have endured.

This clip provides a few words from President Obama regarding the situation and the hope that they will have an orderly transition. The world is watching....

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  1. Now on to Lybia- i have friends from all these countries, and have lived in Egypt, and spent 2 months in morocco- so very interested in what's happening. I just hope it's for the better. Iraq is actually in worse shape than during the time of Saddam Hussein- so the question is, can they get it together?