Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random Thoughts from a Recent Trip to Boone

We rode up to Boone Saturday morning and came back home Sunday afternoon. Saturday morning began gray and rainy. When we arrived at the cabin it wasn't raining but everything was wet. After riding around a littlewhile the sun came out and the day ended on a sunny note. The next morning I filmed the video you see here.

In some ways I dream of a work opportunity that allows me to work wherever I am without being tied to set hours and a location. Perhaps this program and the things I'm learning about Web 2.0 applications are preparing me for those types of opportunities.


  1. Nice view Ray. I liked how you turned your video into a reason to study Web 2.0. I would like to do the same thing, only from the beach.

  2. I love your cabin in the mountains! It's beautiful. Watch what you wish for Ray. As good as it sounds to be able to work from there, if you're not careful, you won't have a place to go to escape.

  3. Ray, that's not a cabin, that's a HOUSE!

    How many acres? That site is just BEGGING for a zipline... we've got one in our yard, but you could do a lot longer!

    In the first part of your vid your face was partially in shadow- so get more in sun next time. While you were talking about the land i liked the movement- but when you zoom in on smoke or siding- either pause and show it up close, or move to it, so it's not just a static image while you're talking.

    Good stuff!


    ps- i'm jealous of your land. Got a stream?