Sunday, February 6, 2011

Home From Boone

We just got home a couple of hours ago from our cabin outside of Boone. Saturday was kind of gloomy and rainy most of the day. Today the sun came out and turned into a glorious day. I really hated to leave. When I got out this morning I filmed a video clip you guys will see here soon. I'm not sure where the camera is or I'd load it up now.

When we first got that place a couple of years ago we couldn't even get cell phone service in the hollow. Now we have cell service sitting in the living room. Apparently they got another tower up that hits just right for us. We don't have internet at this time. I've always been able to work around it or go to a local diner and get on their wireless. It looks like my next phone will be a smart phone. I'll probably go ahead and get the one that can be a wi-fi hotspot also so I can get online wherever I can get phone service. Maybe someday I'll have a job that I don't have to be at a location and can work on line from the mountains..... Hmmmmmm............

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  1. It's coming- that's why i picked "tropical teachers" as my theme - i can dress down to do big presentations, and i say we can all "teach from the beach" - having the smartphone is pretty cool- you just have to know where to draw your lines!