Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mo Michael Remarks

I guess the most striking thing to me is the community worldwide using You Tube for causes that are serious, humorous, political andphilanthropic. Until I started this class my primary use was to find a humorous clip or to find something I could use of instructional nature. With over 200,000 uploads every day from all over the world the opportunity to learn about each other and share bits of our lives is infinite. Being an Engineer a..nd a Training Professional I immediately go to some form of practical use providing training or some technical demonstration of skill or technique. The piece I often overlook is the human side and the opportunity to share.

The stats he called out in the very beginning regarding the hours of programming created by the big 3 networks in 60 years is less than 6 months of programming submitted to You Tube. Recognizing that the bulk of these video minutes are in 3 minute segments intended for small audiences like our weekly videos. To me that makes it that much more interesting that so many of those clips are for a distinct and particular purpose. I don't think any of us expect to arrive at the top of the charts for our work, but at the same time it could easily happen if we hit on the right topic and started getting passed around. Amazing isn't it?

Finally, I believe there is always a question of authenticity. Since there isn't any control over what gets submitted it seems that you believe what you want at your own risk. Should we expect someone who does a series of video clips to let us know if it is fiction or embellished? Or is it just another form of entertainment like a soap opera?

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  1. This class has expanded my usage of a lot of tek tools as well! I think that I will still end up defaulting to YouTube when I need a specific video for class, or when I need to learn how to do something. I hadn't considered the "human" aspect either.