Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wish Trip Map

I set up a map on Google Maps for a motorcycle cruise I'd like to take in the Boone area sometime this spring.

We'd start at my cabin in Deep Gap sometime in the mid-morning. Up the hill to get on the parkway and head east to Laurel Springs. Lots of stops for pictures and sightseeing along the way.  Rhonda H who I have attended a few classes with told me about the restaurant at Laurel Springs called Freeborns. We'll have a good lunch and see if we can run into some other bikers enjoying the day. From there we'll move onward to West Jefferson to check out the cheese factory and the local sightseeing and shopping. Then we'll make an easy cruise to Blowing Rock for an afternoon meal at Woodlands BBQ. Finally we'll cruise through Boone on the way back to the cabin. We'll probably gas up in Boone on the way to the cabin to be ready for the next day.

Below is a screenshot of the map.

I was not able to insert images at my stickpins I put into the map. I need to play with this some more to see if there is something I'm just not doing. Here is a quick link to my map.

1 comment:

  1. I have a friend in Deep Gap that rides!

    I wish I had a motorcycle!