Monday, April 11, 2011


I dropped a handful of pics from a couple of sources on my map. The pics were a mix of some pics I took of the family dogs, a couple pictures from a ride on the parkway last fall, and some pictures I took of some wildlife I took with a trail camera. The game pictures cam from here at my home here in Wake county and our cabin in Watauga county. This is kind of a weird mix but it was a combination of things I have on my camera chip and these are the things I love to mess around with.

Using the tool was fairly straightforward although the map was noticeably slower than Google Maps when I was working with it. It was particularly slower when moving images around and changing your zoom. I was pleased with the level of detail on the map when I brought it in close. I tagged my photos asuweb20. I searched up asuweb20 and saw a bunch of photos from my classmates.
It would be kind of neat for a camera to store the location where a picture was taken. It would make things a lot easier than trying to remember or trying to make notes. I kind of like that idea. The ideas and technologies set up to search and parse through photos are amazing. Everything from pure artform to use as a crimefighting tool.

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