Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Observations From Our Recent Bad Weather Experience

In the aftermath of our recent tornado experience I combined my own experiences with those of others I talked to and I developed a couple of observations.
  • When the meteorologists say bad weather is approaching pay attention
  • When the power goes out your DSL internet access is useless
  • Your TV is useless too (see above) 
  • Smartphone batteries go really fast when you use the internet to follow the storm
  • Accept that the best tool you may have is a battery operated radio tuned to an AM station
  • Make sure you have batteries (see above)
Luckily for us the worst it got for us was that we spent some time in the dark listening to AM radio broadcasting an up to the minute report on the storm movements. After the danger passed the sun came out and we went out and checked everything out. Nothing more than limbs and twigs for us. In times like these we have to remember those who weren't as lucky and be there for them. 

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  1. LOL - great post! Because of the internet, I got rid of all my phonebooks. Before I got my smartphone, the power went off during a storm, and I was scrambling to find an old power bill to get Progress' number. It's crazy how reliant we are the technology.