Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Disengaged Employees Part II

I just wanted to circle back and report on what my colleague and I found when we went down to Greenwood SC last week to provide some training to members of their staff. If you recall I was concerned that their people would be distracted with the recent news they were being acquired by an investment firm. Anyone who has done standup training knows what a bummer it is to train a class to a group of zombies.

I'm happy to report that everyone I encountered was upbeat and ready to take on whatever faced them. It was actually one of the most enjoyable training experiences I've had in a while. I was thrilled to see the pride all of them demonstrated in both their jobs and their site as a whole. I'm certain that the organization acquiring them will be pleased with the assets and potentials these guys bring. I wish them the very best of luck and success.

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