Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wesch - Thinking Differently, Doing Differently

To me, applying this next level of technology and internet utilization gives me the flexibility to take classes like this one and complete the work on my own terms and schedule. The parameters and expectations are clear leaving me to manage my life balance and class obligations. Last semester we used Prezi to work on a project teammates in the US and Italy to present to the larger class made up of students here and in Italy. Our team also used Elluminate to have online meetings for the build out of our presentation. The only rigid requirement was having to coordinate the times of the meetings across multiple time zones. In more than one case I was able to be out of town and arrange to be at a wireless internet location and be a full participant in the activity.

Moving forward this type of activity in both education and business can only grow. The one video spoke loud and clear to the need to multi task and change gears quickly from one activity to another.  Portability is an obvious requirement.  I do my work on a laptop mostly although if I have to travel I'll find a hotspot and make it fit with the rest of my life. I'm not on a Smartphone yet however, it seems obvious that Smartphone's take portability to the next level. My next phone will give me internet access wherever I am. This will be the new normal until the next innovation occurs. I love the freedom this type of program allows and I can't wait to see the future.  

I think the material Dr. Wesch presents highlights potential to collaborate across borders and cultures that we haven't tapped into yet. The possibilities are limited to what we let it become. I can only wonder what the next version looks like and what future generations will do with it. The beauty of it all is the rising accessibility around the world and falling cost of a ticket to the party. 

I did some scouting and looked at the  top 15 web 2.0 websites. If you take a look I'm sure you'll see some you use frequently.  Take a look at the estimated unique monthly visitors to your favorites. Now think of how many are actually contributing and providing content for others to see and or use.  Now imagine all of the interactive sites outside of the top 15 that focus on a specific topic where technical or scientific information are shared.I hope this results in breakthroughs in medicine, technology and engineering that change the world.

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