Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More on my Latest LMS Experiences

I related yesterday the work a team of us performed to bring on new Learning Management System (LMS) in 2010. We went live on the 10th of this month without any commotion to speak of. Our challenge now is to monitor the system and modify any curriculum assignments that need attention because of ongoing reorganization and department changes.

Another challenge is the task of getting our users up to speed with using the system and being able to be a little more self serving. Some people are naturally inclined to embrace the technology and recognize the power they have at their fingertips while others require a higher level of maintenance. Adapting to change is really hard for some people. Hit the link and assess the tips that are offered and then consider how you deal with constant change. As we all learn new things and expose ourselves to new technologies we'll all need effective change management skills.

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  1. Ray - Thanks for the posts on the transition, keep them coming! My organization is reviewing what we need in an LMS and determining which LMS meets our needs. I would like to hear about all the unexpected surprises.