Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quick Instructional Video for Checking Tire Inflation on Motorcycle Tires

This is an instructional video I created checking the tire inflation on your motorcycle tires.

 A lot of motorcycles come out on days like today after being stored for a few weeks while it has been cold and wet out. An important safety consideration is making sure your tires are inflated properly. A motorcycle can easily lose 5 or 6 psi in each tire while parked this time of year.

You'll see my best friend Minnie wandering in and out ot the shot.


  1. My husband is out riding now. It's still a little cold for me. Thanks for the reminder. I don't think he checked his tire pressure before he left home. I'll have to call him on this one!

  2. Now that you mention it, I did see a LOT of bikes on the road yesterday... i couldn't believe it was january.

    I really need a bike again...


  3. D.I. is right...there were a ton of bikes out yesterday. In my neck of the woods it was 74, I think. My husband wants a bike. I told him it would be fine...when we get a garage!

    Very informative. I struggled to hear you in the beginning when the camera was far away. Maybe next time you would project your voice more.