Monday, January 31, 2011

LMS Customer Assistance - Training Report Generation

I met with some of my customers in Engineering Planning today and reviewed some of the reporting capabilities available to them in the new LMS. Since these guys work contractors quite often they need to check on their training completion prior to bringing them in. The new system has a number of reports available but the user needs to know how to manipulate the inputs to get the info they want. Ironically most of them had been trained on how to run reports but none of them seemed to have a clue. I put them on the mouse and let them run reports on information and scenarios that was meaningful and recognizable to them. After about an hour of knocking around they all seemed to have an idea of the clicks required and what to expect from each click. I'm confident that this group will be able to generate the information they need without calling the training department customer service line. It just takes time and exposure to help everyone to make the transition.

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  1. My experience with people is that if you grab them, sit them down, and do it with them, they'll get it, but no amount of online tutorials, instructor binders, or nice little vids will get some peoople to that point... still can't quite figure out why!